On-site at a client, Pypestream, last year we explored various Web frameworks for REST, Webmachine based on Erlang’s Cowboy httpd, was one of the final candidates chosen to power their Public API

… here is the html of the Keynote

If you’d like to see the presentation click here

Basically Webmachine is the “Existential” framework!

-module( petite_shorten_resource). 
-export([ init/ 1, allowed_methods/ 2, process_post/ 2, content_types_provided/ 2, to_text/ 2]). 
-include_lib(" webmachine/ include/ webmachine.hrl").
Moffitt, Jack; Daoud, Frederic (2013-12-31). Seven Web Frameworks in Seven Weeks: Adventures in Better Web Apps (Pragmatic Programmers) (p. 173). Pragmatic Bookshelf. Kindle Edition.

This book was a really a good resource which was used in preparation of this talk.

Other framewors we considered: HapiJS, Python Flask and Yaws We also considered using our very own AgentIdea Web Framework